Pool water needs to be balanced for the chemicals to be effective

Chemicals are used in a swimming pool to keep it clean and prevent algae growth, kill harmful bacteria and oxidize out impurities, making the pool safe to swim in. Before chemicals can be put in the pool, you need to make sure there are not contaminants to reduce the amount of chemicals used. Pool water needs to be balanced for the chemicals to be effective.You need to make sure the pool is free from any leaves or dirt. Trees contain organic matter which contaminates the pool water with impurities. Fertilizer and impurities which will dramatically increase the amount of chemicals used. You must remove any organic matter that has fallen or blown into the pools with the pool net and empty the weir and pump baskets regularly. Small organic matter can get through the baskets turning the filter into a compost heap, taking out more chlorine from the water. The automatic pool cleaner plays a very important role in a swimming pool it removes dust and dirt from the pool surface.

The filter filled with sand filter out particles from the water. Brushing the walls of the swimming pool will reduce the amount of particles in the pool. If all the chemical levels are within the recommended limits, the pool water is said to be balanced and Crystal Clear. Before adding or balancing chemicals in the pool, the filter, plumbing and the automatic pool cleaner needs to be working correctly. The (PH) potential hydrogen of the water needs to be between 7.2 and 7.8, the (FC) free chlorine level should be between 3ppm and 5ppm, the (TA) total alkalinity level needs to be between 80-120ppm, the (CA) cyanuric acid level needs to be between 30-50ppm, the (TH) total hardness should be between 250-500ppm and the (TDS’S) is the sum of all the particles suspended in the water. Overcast days save chlorine as the UV light levels are lower. Hot sunny days can take out all the chlorine in the water. The amount of chemicals in the pool water is measured in parts per million (ppm)

There are a few kits available to test the levels in a pool

Test Strips

Dip the strip into the water and remove, this gives you a reading of all the levels in the water.


liquid test kit


uses small tablets that are dissolved in a sample of water taken from the pool.

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