Frequently Asked Questions
(Q) Why is my pool water cloudy?
A) Ph is too high and there is too much calcium in the water.
Q) Why does my pool go green after the rain?
A) The pool is not chemically balanced (Ph, Alkalinity, Free Chlorine, Cyanuric levels) see pool chemistry for correct levels..
Q) Why would pool water be green?
A) High temperature in Summer months, not adding the correct amount of chemicals, you must keep out organic matter.
Q) How do I keep my pool clean?
A) Clean out baskets, backwash the pool once a week, take out leaves with the net and brush the walls and floor if dirty, make sure motor is running
Q) How long must I run my motor in Summer and winter?
A) Summer months pool should run for 6 hours, in winter months 3 hours.
Q) Why do my eyes burn when I swim?
A) The chlorine levels are too high, stick to 3-5ppm (chlorine levels)
Q) Is it better to have a salt chlorinator (salt pool)?
A) Yes, less maintenance and hassle free, huge saving on chemicals.
Q) What if my motor is making strange noises?
A) Call Crystal Clear Pools to asses it.
Q) How often should I change the sand in the sand filter?
A) You should replace sand every 3-5 years.
Q) Why is my pump basket not full of water when I plug in my Automatic pool cleaner?
A) There is a leak in the suction line
Q) Why is my multi port top stiff when I try move it?
A) The wagon wheel needs to be replaced or multi port top is broken.
Q) Does a pool need a timer?
A) Yes this ensures the pool is not running 24 hours, saving you on electricity.
Q) Why when I plug in my automatic pool cleaner it does not work and the pump basket is full of water?
A) Take APC out the water and check that there is no blockage, check that the diaphragm is not damaged.
Q) How can I select the best pool builder for me?
A) Selecting a swimming pool contractor involves knowledge, reputation, and trust… Does your prospective pool builder treat you with respect and take time to answer your questions? At Crystal Clear Pools, we offer numerous layers of Customer Care to ensure your pool building experience is a positive one.
Q) I give up with my pool what must I do?
A) Call Crystal Clear Pools to assist you.

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