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Pool Service

Our professional water specialists visit your pool once a week they back wash and rinse, clean baskets, test water and put in the correct amount of chemicals, we ensure the pool is chemically balanced and you can enjoy your pool in the summer months. Pool Service starting from only R899pm depending on the size of the pool.

Weekly Pool Service

Keeping your pool clean is very important, our professional teams ensure the PH,FC,ALK,STAB Levels are correct. With correct levels you and your family will never have burning eyes as we ensure the Chlorine levels stay at between 3 – 5 parts pm. Back washing your pool once a week is very important as there will be no build up of TDS (Total dissolved solids). Summer months your pool must run for 6 hours a day and in the Winter months your pool must run 4 hours a day. Very important to get your garden service to remove leaves and organic matter. We offer free advice our sales consultants are standing by for your call.

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We offer a 10-year guarantee when we Re Marbelite your pool, should the pool crack or lift. We ensure we apply a 6mm thickness on the floor. We use the best Marbeltie on the market CEMCRETE. We can re-do your pool in under a week should there be no complicated renovations to action. Call us today for a FREE QUOTATION.

Pumps And Filters

We Fit and supply pumps and filters. We offer all sizes of pumps (0.6kw/0.75kw/1.1kw/1.5kw) We have an authorized pump repair center and suggest once every 2 years you get your pump serviced. We offer all sizes of sand filters (2/3/4/5 bag sand filters). Your filter sand should be replaced once every two years.
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